Boxing Ring Information


Every Monster Competition Boxing Ring comes complete with the following items:

  • 4 Competition Ring poles - 4" heavy duty steel poles with 12" bottom plates
  • 8 structural steel side rails - the world's strongest - no nuts and bolts needed
  • 4 short side poles - heavy duty steel poles with 12" bottom plates
  • 1 short center pole - 4" heavy duty steel pole with 12" bottom plate
  • structural steel inside supports and cross members - the world's strongest ring floor - no nuts /bolts
  • Our Monster padding - 1" thick 2.2 lb. density EVA approved padding in larger sheets - easier to install & use.  No need to tape down.
  • 4 underneath cables with adjustable turnbuckles complete with connectors
  • 16 professional hook and hook turnbuckles for competition
  • 16 padded vinyl turnbuckle sleeves/covers
  • 4 padded corner ring pole covers
  • 4 professional ring ropes in vinyl covers with round attachment rings, clamps, and vinyl clamp covers
  • 8 nylon ring rope spacers
  • 2 self- standing stairways - steel frame with steel safety treads
  • 4 Competition corner pads
  • 2 ring stools
  • Best quality canvas mat cover with lacing rope
  • Our "quick attach" aprons/skirts
  • turnbuckle tightening bars
  • easy to follow assembly instructions

We build our Competition Boxing Rings for use with plywood flooring, not 2”x12” boards.  While it is cheaper to build a ring for use with 2”x12” boards, using our tongue and grooved flooring is a much better surface for competition.   Our ring has more cross members (floor joists) which makes our ring twice as strong as any others.  Plus, we use a stronger steel frame to start with.  The use of our engineered tongue and grooved plywood gives you a super smooth and perfectly flat, as well as a silent ring floor. 

You can buy the ring, from us, without the wood flooring, and purchase your plywood locally, but, If you get the wood flooring from us, we offer a tongue and grooved, manmade, flooring that is 100% waterproof and will never bow or warp, making it the perfect ring floor.

This ring is being used in the world’s largest arenas in championship fights.  When you purchase this Competition Boxing Ring from us, you are getting the very same ring that we built for Madison Square Gardens, one of the world’s most famous boxing venues.

Additionally, our ring is the easiest ring to assemble and take down, making it the best choice for promoters.  A small ring crew of 2 people can easily have the ring sit up in 1 hour.  In fact one person can sit this ring up.   Only Monster Rings and Cages can sell this ring to you.  We build it and we sell it!


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